Diploma A3 297x420 mm:

A3 is a popular format for diplomas and certificates.

A certificate of this size placed on the wall will stand out favorably from others.

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Diploma A4 210x297 mm:

A4 is the most popular format for diplomas and certificates of education.

It is convenient to insert diplomas and certificates of this format into a file or a frame of standard sizes.

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Diploma 148x105 mm:

Size 140x297 is suitable for printing unusual gift certificates or diplomas.

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Diploma A5 148x210 mm:

A certificate of this format is small, it is convenient attach to a product or a gift in an envelope and attach it to a product or gift.

It is convenient to insert certificate of such format in an envelope and attach it to a product or gift.

Download Help Templates to create artwork offline.
Paper type

Classic paper: 

The most popular and universal type of paper and cardboard that is used for diplomas and certificates.

The most affordable option.

Paper for laser printer: 

If You are planning to print name and surname on a diploma later, we suggest to pay closer attention to this type of paper.

This paper is specially developed for laser and inkjet printers. Recommended for a following high-volume printing using a printer.

Textured paper: 

Textured paper affects both visual perception and tactile sensations.

The relief surface of the paper imitates the texture of flax, velvet, felt, and etc.

Handwritten information – name and surname -  will give the diploma or certificate an authentic, classic look.

Metallic paper: 

Metallic paper has a coating that imitates the pearlescent and metallic shine effect.

Diplomas and certificates printed on a such paper are bright, attract attention and work as an excellent decoration for a workspace.

Invercote Creato Matt 300 gsm:

Cardboard, both sides has same smooth surface. Fully double coated and have a matt finish.

  • Thikness: 0.345mm
  • FSC certified.
Produced in Sweeden by Iggesund Paperboard.
Munken Polar ID 300 gsm

Uncoated smooth surface with its crispy white shade convey distinct   features to images, giving a very true natural paper feel.
Environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for companies wishing to   convey a genuine natural impression in their printed material.

  • Thickness 0.339mm
  • FSC , PEFC certified.  
High-quality uncoated paper.

DigiGold Icewhite  340 gsm
Uncoated, highwhite, wood-free paper.
Snow white and natural .

  • Thickness 0.355mm
  • FSC Mix certified

NAUTILUS® Classic 300 gsm:

NAUTILUS® Classic is a 100% recycled uncoated, natural white offset paper 
  • Thickness 0.380 mm
  • Ecolabel certified.
  • Blue Angel certified.
  • FSC Recycled certified.
Produced by Mondi Paper, Germany.
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